The Limits of “Effeminacy” in Christian Life (According to THIS Guy)

Posted on June 27, 2012


Look, I dislike “contemporary” Christian music as much as the next person, but Faithful Word Baptist Church pastor Steven Anderson has some serious issues with it. Take a look!

Disregarding his high-pitched boy band-like voice and slight lisp, I cannot help but wonder what his association between “effeminacy” and “gay[ness]” means for Christian men. Indeed, gender identity is on Anderson’s mind here. Most notably, he seems concerned with the way praise worship alters one’s gender identity and sexuality and he turns to the Psalms for evidence. See, for Anderson, one must sing out the Psalms “loudly” and “joyfully,” if they are to avoid emasculating themselves. This, it appears, is how a real man (or woman?!) must praise God.

Here’s my question to Anderson: When Jesus, according to Mark’s Gospel (15:34), quotes the Psalms (22:1) in his death (“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”), how manly is his presumably loud cry? After all, is not Jesus demonstrating an unmanly weakness in public? Does this weakness and expression of loneliness in a loud voice make him masculine or feminine? The evidence seems to support both points. That, I can’t help but conclude, is pretty “queer.” Just like Jesus.